Five Proven Linkdpro Benefits

Posted: 15 Jun 2017

This week we thought we could remind you of the amazing benefits that comes with being part of the LinkdPro community, and these are the ones we love the most.

Five proven LinkdPro benefits

1. Freedom to leave your current job without your next permanent role lined up.

2. Pays the bills if you’re researching a business idea.

3. Pays well. There are 2 rules of thumb on knowing what to charge: i) your permanent salary divided by 100 (remember freelancers have no benefits or paid leave);

ii) the day rate that your employer charged you out at divided by 3.

4. Avoids "gaps" on your CV.

5. The work tends to involve more responsibility. The client will want you as a mini project manager, you’ll "own" the relationships, have more exposure and be your own boss.