Secrets To Finding Freelance Work!

Posted: 27 Jun 2017

Many freelancing consultants often have difficulty finding new projects. It is often a tedious task to do ones own business development. This week we thought we could give you some insider tips around the secrets of securing the best freelance projects out there.

Secrets to finding freelance work!

1. Use LinkdPro. While we might be biased, but we’ve had some great freelancing roles - so keep an eye out for our project alerts in your inbox.

2. Let your friends and colleagues know.

3. Let your former employer know. You’ll be surprised at the number of clients that will approach a firm with smaller jobs (that aren’t worth your employer’s while to pitch for), or part-time jobs (that they couldn’t staff given that they only have full-time employees). Your employer could recommend your services.

4. Let your former clients know (subject to terms of your employment contract with your former employer).