Interview Guide For Independent Consultants In The 'gig Economy'

Posted: 14 Dec 2016

There are differences in interviewing for an assignment as an independent consultant to interviewing for a permanent role. You will need to convey your appropriateness for interviewing for a specific project. Your general competencies will be important but should be communicated in a concise way.

Interview guide for independent consultants in the 'gig economy'

Before the interview

  • Do your preparation: on the company, competitors, and wider industry landscape.
  • Think through your approach: the client will likely want to hear your first views on the project description, how you would approach the project deliverables, and your anticipated time-lines for delivery.
  • Research the person you are meeting – what’s their background?
  • Compile a list of questions you want to ask them.


During the interview


  • Remember that this is a two way selling process – they are here to sell the project to you as much as you are there to sell your services to them, so don’t feel pressured to give them an easy ride.
  • First impressions count, so focus on open body language and a confident voice – remember what you say only counts for 7% of the impression you are giving away. The rest is purely how you are saying it.
  • The impact of eye contact can be a game breaker – connecting with someone whilst you are talking to them will go a long way. Glancing around the room, or looking at your notes will make you seem unsure.
  • Remember that these interviews will differ to those for permanent positions: they will want to know how you would deliver on a project, not your career history.
After the interview


  • Always say thank you: no matter what the next step is in the process, a simple thank you note to your interviewer will help keep your name fresh in their mind and will confirm professionalism.
  • Don’t chase too hard: It’s important that they come back to you with feedback, but if they let you know it may not be for two weeks then chasing after one week has the potential to reflect negatively.
  • Keep in contact: even if it doesn’t go your way after the interview.
  • Lastly, if you are dealing with one of our project consultants on the project, give them a call straight after the interview and let them know how you got on. They can help follow up on your behalf and pass any feedback to you as soon as they have it.