What Is The Gig Economy?

Posted: 30 Nov 2016

A "gig economy" is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term/project engagements.

What is the gig economy?

Apps like Uber, Deliveroo, and Airbnb have, from a user's point of view, changed the way we travel, eat, and sleep.


But they are also changing the way people work - gone is the security associated with fixed terms of employment, full working weeks, and a minimum wage.


Working nine to five for a single employer bears little resemblance to the way a substantial share of the workforce makes a living today. Millions of people assemble various income streams and work independently, rather than in structured payroll jobs.


The "gig economy" is here, and it looks like it's staying for a very long time as the world enters its forth industrial revolution – a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.